Fieldtrip to City Hall

This mom of four boys is taking on new challenge.  Yesterday (April 18)  hubby and I went down to the City of Phoenix to submit our plans to add on a garage and bedroom to our house.

I know that the building market has slowed way down, so I didn’t think that this would be much of a big deal.  We leisurely drove down to City Hall.  We parked without incident in the parking garage.  I marveled at how busy downtown was and how many people were walking around.  In Phoenix you don’t see a lot of people walking.  So we make our way up to the 2nd floor to start our permit process. We took the stairs and I guess no one takes the stairs because we have to wind our way through the numbers and desks and find station 1.  Oh then I notice station 1 is stationed right by the elevators.  The secretary was very friendly and handed us a number…. #924.  Our time was 10:58am.   She told us the wait would be about 45 minutes and it would be no problem if we wanted to go to lunch.  They were currently on number 911.  When we came back we would be seen shortly.

So off to lunch we go.  We are marveling at how smooth the process is going so far.  We walked over to Crazy Jim’s, got seated promptly and ate lunch.  The funny thing was about ten minutes after we got there who do we see, but the secretary who had given us our number.  Must be a good place to eat.  This is looking good.

We make our way back to the planning department.  It’s about 11:45 and my gaze goes to the board to see what number they are on hmmmm 914.  Are you kidding me? 914 that’s 10 numbers away from 924 and that means only 3 numbers have been helped since we left.  Oh boy I knew we were in trouble.  Hubby is not the most patient person.

918 ….. 12:10pm…. hubby toe tapping

919….. 12:38 …. oh boy hubby is sighing and fidgeting

920…..12:41 ….. OK that’s not bad let’s keep this line moving

921….12:59 ….. hubby has been to the bathroom twice, water fountain 3 time and has been playing on his phone.

922…1:00pm….. OK, we’re moving now…anticipation is building.  Hubby is drumming his fingers

923….1:08pm….. Alright one more number we can do this…

And finally 924….1:10pm.  Hubby was so irritated at having waiting not 45 minutes, but 2 hours and 12 minutes.  I tell him don’t say anything.  I will do the talking.

We sit down with the planner.  We go over square footage, lot coverage and set-backs.  OK, all familiar.  She goes through the plans and stops at electrical.  We’re putting in a 400 box which needs some special plans.  She doesn’t see them.  I was like I have not waiting this long to have our plan rejected.  A big sigh of relief, the required plans are there, but she didn’t see them the first time.

She said ‘Good News’ I can log you in.  Four weeks for plan review when they tell you the changes you need to make.  OK great.  What’s next.

Now we need to wait so that we can pay $1,000.00 for the privilege of waiting for two hours to spend 10 minutes with the planning review person to get our plans logged in.  Did I get my monies worth?  I can totally understand why the average person does not get a permit to change their ceiling fan (a helpful brochure told us many things that you are suppose to have a permit for)

So we pay our money and drive home.  We’re going to be home by 2:00, just before the boys are out of school.  I check my email and I already have an email about our plans….problem! Already?  It’s been 45 minutes!!!

It turns out the lot coverage calculation was miscalculated and instead of 24% lot coverage we have 27% lot coverage.  If we are over 25% we must apply for a variance or change our plans.  A variance??  No way….have you seen the forms you have to fill out for that??? Not happening.

We go for the change our plans.  We cut out our back patio.  I’m not sure what that means exactly except that we are definitely getting our plans back and are going to have to resubmit them.  Renee did say that she would make a note to the reviewer and the plans would still be reviewed.

Big sigh of relief….

Can’t wait to see what the next step of this brings…..stay tuned!


About momof4boyz

I am a stay at home mom of 4 boys ranging in age from 14-20. They are growing up! I have a new hobby - running! I am also President of a non-profit organization.
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One Response to Fieldtrip to City Hall

  1. Lyle says:

    not bad you did leave out that I did take the time to fill out their survey.

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