Drivers Permit – bonding time with son at DMV

My second child wants to drive!  Can you see me doing the happy dance? You might ask why would this be new to me when I have an older child…. well here you go with the background.

First son is 17.5 years old and he has no interest at all in driving. And I mean none, zero, zip none.  Hubby thinks it’s because he has his own personal chauffeur (me) so why does he need to bother driving when I’m always available?

But, this is not the case with the next one.  All summer he has been informing me that he’s an awesome drive (in his mind at least), he’s ready to take the test on August 7th and he’s going to pass.  Well, son two is not known for hitting the books, so as the date got closer I decided to test this knowledge by asking some basic questions.  And what do you know…he got them all correct.  He informed me that he took the online practice test and got them all right so he was ready for the test.  He also informed me that the test is 30 questions and you only need 25 to pass.  Well, from talking to other parents I know that plenty of kids fail their permit test, so I wanted to make sure he passed!

On the morning of August 7th we ventured out bright and early to the DMV office.  My son is also not known for being out of bed before noon when school is not in session, so his first test was to be ready to leave the house at 7:30am.  And what do you know….he was.  I didn’t have to wake him up or prod him along.  Wow, if it was only this easy to get him up for school!

We arrived at DMV at about 7:45 at which time I instructed him to jump out of the car and get in line while I parked.  There were already 20 people in line….and by 8am when the doors opened there were probably 50 people in line.

The beginning of the process moved quickly….first we got our number and then he proceeded directly to the eye test station.

Now we had a seat in the waiting room and waited for our number to be called.  Next up was the picture taking station.  Hmmm, seems like they go out of order.  Why do you get your picture taken before you’ve even passed the test?  Well, that is a question for another day.

Next station is the paying your fee and getting your documents checked.  I had filled out all the forms online and came with a printed bar code so all the gentlemen who was helping us had to was check our identities and collect the $7.00 fee.

The process had been moving along very quickly up until this point.  Now it came to a screeching halt.  We now had to wait for the test.  It’s on computers (no cell phones allowed) and didn’t seem to have very many people in there, but it took 15 minutes of waiting before he got called to take the test.

It took him about 5 minutes to take the test (he informed me he got 100 and didn’t know why I was worried about him passing)

Then we waited another 20 minutes before the actual permit was ready.  When I got my permit is was a flimsy bit of paper, these days it is on a card like a license and is sturdy and durable.  Very nice.

And what is doubly nice is having a son who wants to drive….I can’t wait for him to get his license and be able to help me out with driving duty!


About momof4boyz

I am a stay at home mom of 4 boys ranging in age from 14-20. They are growing up! I have a new hobby - running! I am also President of a non-profit organization.
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