Disney World Christmas Decorations 2013 – part 2

In part 1 of this post I highlight the decorations of the more impressive resorts that we visited.  In part 2, are the others that we visited.

The football team stayed at Disney World at the Caribbean Beach Resort.  (We were at Disney World to attend the Pop Warner Superbowl)  The only place that had any decorations was at the check-in/check-out house.  When we visited there is was mobbed with guests, so we didn’t stay very long and I don’t recommend making a special trip to this resort to see the decorations, but if you like the Caribbean feel you should visit to talk along the path around the lake.  The resort is very nice and has a relaxing feel  We enjoyed sitting by the pool and walking along the loop around the entire resort.  There are over 2,000 rooms here so it is quite big.

IMG_8398 IMG_8402 IMG_8620 IMG_5655

Fort Wilderness Campground – I’ve always wanted to camp at Disney World and now that I’ve visited the campground I want to camp here even more!  The campground was nicely wooded, the spaces were big and there was lots of shade.  We didn’t see any Christmas decorations done by Disney at Fort Wilderness, but the campers have plenty of Christmas spirit. Probably about 1/3 of the campsites were decorated with some type of Christmas decorations and many were decorated with an impressive amount of stuff!  Gold carts and bikes were also decorated and there were many blow up helicopters on top of RV’s!

Fort Wilderness Campground Christmas Decorations

Fort Wilderness Campground Christmas Decorations

IMG_8658 IMG_8660 IMG_8659 IMG_8655

Art of Animation – was right down the road from Caribbean Beach Resort.  It is a value resort and you can sure tell the difference between the two. All the value resorts we visited had a cartoon feel to them.

IMG_8441 IMG_8440 IMG_8444

Art of Animation Christmas Decorations and Resort Pictures

Art of Animation Christmas Decorations and Resort Pictures


We also visited Pop Century. This is another value resort, but the themes were fun, but not many Christmas decorations.

Pop Century Christmas Decorations

Pop Century Christmas Decorations

IMG_8450 IMG_8452

This ends our tour of resorts we visited.  We hope our next trip we are able to visit more of them.  I really enjoyed going around the resorts and it was a good way to spend time at Disney World, especially if you only have an hour or two!


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