Week 6 & 7 of Dopey Training – Track Workouts

A local high school holds track workouts every Wednesday from 5:30 am – 6:30 am. I’ve been wanting to try them for a long time, but something has always hindered me from going. I finally got one of my friends to come with me and we got up early and drove to the track.

The first week we got there and parked and walked to the track. I was surprised that there were about 30 people there for the workout. Wow! Pretty impressive turnout at 5:30 am. The person leading the workout then told us what we’d be running. He said something like 16 x 400 in groups of 4 with a 2.5 minute recover descending. My brain wasn’t working very well that early and I had to decipher the code. 400 = once around the track. 16 time is 4 miles. 2.5 minutes means you run as fast as you can and then the rest of the time you get to rest. The descending means you are suppose to get faster each lap. hmmmm that didn’t happen, but we’ll work on that.

There is a clock so you can see what your time is. I don’t think I looked at it once during that workout, so I’m not sure how fast I was going. I ran without headphones and no timing device. I didn’t see anyone using headphones, so I think you’re suppose to concentrate on what you’re doing.

Anyway, the workout wasn’t too bad. I definitely wasn’t fast, but I didn’t finish last.

We then went the next week. I was prepare for 16 x 400….so when the person leading the workout said 9 x 800 I was caught off-guard. Uhhh 4.5 miles this week and 800= 2 laps or .5 mile. OK, time to prepare my brain for this.

I did the first set in 4 minutes (which would equal an 8 minute mile, excellent for me) Then the longer the workout progressed the slower I got.  Kind of sad too, I (and a number of other people) got lapped by the really, really fast guy on my last two laps. But the good news is I did not get lapped for the first 7 laps.

Anyway, track workouts are suppose to make you faster. We shall see….we shall see.

Aug 5 – track workout 4.5 miles
Aug 7 – 6 miles
Aug 9 – 11 miles

Aug 11 – 3 miles – great fast fun!
Aug 12 – Track workout 4 miles
Aug 13 – 4 miles
Aug 16 – 11 miles, seriously record heat this week. super hard today.

So my last mile or so on the long run on Aug 9th I was walking a little bit. Another lady walking passed me. She was not running, and had on regular shorts and was carrying a purse. So, that got me going and I started running. I passed her and got to the overpass. I went under and walked up the other side of the under pass. I look up and I see this same lady jogging above me. WOW! I was like I’m out running and a walker lady is casually jogging and beating me. So, I once again started running, passed her again, made  sure to pick up the pace and stayed ahead of her. Talk about some motivation at the end of the run. Just what I needed to complete it.

Happy training!



About momof4boyz

I am a stay at home mom of 4 boys ranging in age from 14-20. They are growing up! I have a new hobby - running! I am also President of a non-profit organization.
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