Phoenix Summit Challenge – Deem Hills Dry Run

Hubby and I went to Deem Hills this morning. It is one of the 7 summits this year and one that I have not hiked before, so I knew that I needed to check it out before November 14th!

It is 30 minutes from our house, and thank goodness we were going against traffic or it would have taken a lot longer. The directions from google maps weren’t correct so we got a little lost, but ended up finding it. Hint, There is no Stetson Valley Parkway off Happy Valley…turn on 55th avenue and it takes you right to the entrance.

The park was nice, with a fair size parking lot. There is a dog park there, soccer fields and it looked nicely maintained. My one pet peeve is that there are no doors on the bathrooms. Really!! A couple of parks do this and it is really annoying. Put doors on the stalls!!

Anyway, followed the circumference trail about a mile and then went up the Ridgeway trail. We saw a bunch of balloons in the distance. I told my husband we use to see tons of balloons where we live, but now it seems they are few and far between. I guess they have all moved up to this area. It might be hard to see them but there are balloons in this picture!

Deem Hills1

We made it up to the summit and the went down the same way (since this was a practice hike, I was following directions) It was a very easy hike and took us just over an hour. The PSC Guidebook says said 3.7 miles, but my fitness tracker didn’t get to 3.7…about 3.4.

Deem Hills2


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I am a stay at home mom of 4 boys ranging in age from 14-20. They are growing up! I have a new hobby - running! I am also President of a non-profit organization.
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