Agua Fria National Monument – Badger Springs Trail

We are visiting every National Monument in Arizona – today we went to Agua Fria. Agua Fria is managed by the BLM  Bureau of Land Management, not the Park Service. That means that Agua Fria is ‘lesser’ monument and you can tell it because there is no official  passport stamp!

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We hiked Badger Springs Trail. It’s off I-17 at Badger Springs exit. It’s the only thing at the exit. You turn into the gravel area and take a picture of the sign 🙂 Then you drive down a dirt road that is one lane, not maintained and if you don’t have a high clearance vehicle you will not make it. So, my new rule of ‘if we have to drive on a dirt/gravel road we take the Suburban’  served us well.

You drive about a mile and park and you will see the signs for the trail. If you stop at the bathroom and park,  you won’t see the signs…continue down the road. Can you tell where we parked? Yes, at the bathrooms, so it took a bit to get to the right place, but we made it.


The hike is down the Badger Spring Wash to the Agua Fria River. The wash is usually completely dry, but it rained a lot a week or so ago and we were very surprised to find the wash wet! So, we dodged water the entire way down, which made the hike beautiful and fun.

img_0326 img_0327

Once you get to the river (and we heard it before we saw it). On the rocks are the petroglyphs from ages gone by. Very cool! Also, the river was running which was beautiful!


The hike was about 2.25 miles. It was fairly easy, but beautiful! We weren’t sure what to expect on this hike and pleasantly surprised to find a wonderful hike here! It doesn’t seem like a lot of people have done it. And we were the only ones parked by the trail head. There is a sign in book for people hiking. We were the first ones to sign in for today, and there had only been a few over the past week. Great hike and I think we timed it right because hiking by water is always fun, especially in Arizona where things are so dry. I’d definitely recommend this trail!


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